‘Mediterráneo’, the film based on the begginings of Open Arms

On October 1, “Mediterráneo”, a fiction film based on the beginnigs of Open Arms in Lesbos, Greece, in September 2015 will be released in cinemas. Before its release, the film had its international premier at San Sebastian Film Festival, as a part of de RTV gala and has been shortlisted to represent Spain at the Oscars.

‘Mediterráneo’, the film based on the begginings of Open Arms

This film is starring by international actors and actesses such as Eduard Fernández, Dani Rovira, Anna Castillo and Sergi López, and has been directed by Marcel Barrena. We have worked closely with its development since its beginnings, with the objective that the result reflects the urgency, the sensations and the dramatic situation they live during the humanitarian crisis on the Greek coast.

The Mediterranean Sea was then -and still is- a battlefield in which survival is at stake, a place that the deliberated inaction by the UE has made the largest common grave on the planet. We, instead, firmly believe that every life counts, and this explains why participating in this film, despite the difficulties involved in a project as complicated as turning a film into an awareness-raising tool. 

We are very pleased with this project because we believe that it brings to cinemas this deadly sea in which we sail and where so many people face each other daily fleeing war, persecution of poverty. That’s why we encourage you watch it, explore all the extra material available, and share it on your social media. 

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