We go to the Origin

Torture, extortion and even death are common situations faced during the journey to Europe. Migration is a fundamental right, and we defend it as such, but it is important that the decision to migrate is well-informed and chosen in freedom. That is the reason why we started digital trainings and information campaigns in countries of origin, so that not even one more life is lost at sea or in land.

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The Origin Project

Ever since Open Arms began working in the Mediterranean, we have shared a lot of time on board with the people we rescue. Everybody has told us about their journeys, which often have lasted for years. All of them explain how their rights have been systematically violated.

That's why we realize that once in the sea, there is no solution. The best way to save lives is to go to the origin.

Migration is a fundamental right. We cannot stop wars or fight against malnutrition, but we can explain the real conditions of irregular migration and strengthen the communities of origin to build real alternatives.

"If I had known it, I would have never started the journey"

The migratory routes

The closure of the European borders, and the vanishing of almost every regular option to migrate to Europe, has led to the consolidation of mafias along migration routes to Europe.

People who migrate in an irregular way fall into the hands of these smugglers and they become vulnerable to all kinds of abuse and they completely lack protection.

There are three main routes to Europe:

We will be the hands that saves lives and the eyes and the voice that denounce.

The dangers of migration

At least one in every 18 people drowns and dies

More than 90% of people have suffered sexual, physical and/or psychological violence

At least 33,293 people have drowned in the Mediterranean since 1993

Less than 25% of asylum applications in Spain are accepted

Thousands of migrants who arrive in Europe Spain live in an irregular situation with serious physical and psychological consequences

Mafias monopolize the journey while ruining entire families

The solution is not here. It is at the origin.

Our proposal

Together with the local organisations that want to form part of this positive and constructive change, we are working to build alternatives to irregular migration through community awareness and information.


Deconstruct the imaginary about migration to Europe, through information campaigns and community reflection about the alternatives.


Create networks of collaboration and work along with the private sector to promote local employment.


Empower the community and its young people by facilitating access to digital pedagogical tools and professional training.


We start in Senegal

How do we do it?

Collaborating entities

Project funded with the support of the Otto per Mille of the Waldensian Church of Italy.


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