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Communicate, share and help

Communication and awareness are an important part of our activity: sharing our experience, generating empathy and defending human rights in order to build a better world.

The Education for Freedom project seeks to generate empathy and critical thinking through the testimonies of people forced to risk their lives at sea as the only alternative to protect the most fundamental right of all: the right to life.

From September 2015 to the end of 2019, we interacted with and discussed these topics with 90,000 students at 1,370 educational centres across different parts of the world. Our goal is to create a society that refuses to accept inequalities and that is willing to fight for a better world in which entities like ours will no longer be required.


Based on our experience at sea and the testimonies on board, we carry out a program in the classroom that promotes empathy-generating strategies.

We want students to learn about the tools that will help them express their own feelings and also to identify the feelings of those around them.

Key elements for this is the fostering of dialogue and a critical spirit in the face of injustices or prejudices and the raising of awareness about social inequalities.


What are we looking for in this program?

  • Foster values such as justice, empathy, respect and dignity.
  • Respect for all people including their beliefs, opinions and origin.
  • Develop and promote critical thinking and dialogue.
  • Encourage students’ ability to treat each other with respect.
  • Show citizens how to build an inclusive and respectful society.
  • Generate interest in the fight against social injustice.

How do we do it?

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