The testimonies of the people we rescue in the Mediterranean take us to their places of origin, to prevent them from embarking on the most lethal journey of their lives. Through training and raising awareness, we will help reduce the number of people embarking upon this terrible adventure.

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With each rescue in the central Mediterranean we hear first-hand of the heart-wrenching testimonies of what they have gone through since they left their places of origin, telling us of torture, rape and abuse. Through their stories, we see how they flee their homes and are forced to take a no less tragic path that can result in their death in the desert, in Libya or in the sea.

This is why, as well as continuing our commitment in the Mediterranean, we are going to the source of this crisis to work on the root of the problem. Thus, we started our mission in a new territory: Africa.

We want to prevent what happens at sea by working in the countries of origin. We want to prevent people from believing that the only option is to launch themselves into the open sea, after having already experienced a multitude of dangers on land. We want to put an end to this crime. We don't want to leave another life adrift. And we won't stop until we achieve our goal.

We don't want to have to continue saving lives at sea.
We want to stop it being necessary, so we go to the place of origin. Will you help us?

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