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Our action in Lesbos

We arrived at the Greek coast in September 2015 with 15,000€ from our pockets. We invested them on financing the rescue works for a month. With this we achieved that disembarked safely about 20 boats a day, with 50/60 people in each one, including the elderly and children. In total, more than 1,000 people land in our beaches every day.  


What have we achieved?

Since then, until the agreemen signingt between the European Union and Turkey in March 2016, we have achieved:

  • Help 143,358 people reach the coast.
  • Rescue 10,273 people adrift.
  • Rescue 9,067 people trapped in the cliffs.
  • Rescue 475 people from the water at high risk of drowning.


We expand our radio of action

We decided to expand our base to the Central Mediterranean, with the consolidation of new migration routes in these waters and the absence of action by the official media.

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