We continue in Ukraine and return to the Mediterranean

It has been more than two months since the Ukrainian invasion began. More than 5.5 million people are forced to seek refuge while those trapped there are suffering from indiscriminate attacks and are victims of the atrocities of a devastating war.

We could not stand idly by in front of the suffering experienced by the civil population in Ukraine. Thus,we activated all our resources to give an immediate answer by land, sea and air, in collaboration with other civil society entities to the largest humanitarian emergency in Europe since World War II.

We continue in Ukraine and return to the Mediterranean

Thanks to the alliance with the World Central Kitchen organization founded by chef José Andrés, our old Open Arms tugboat unloaded 24 tons of food in the Odessa region in Ukraine last Friday, an area particularly affected by the conflict due to the proximity of the fighting. 

It was not an easy operation. We have been sailing for days through the Mediterranean sea, the Aegean sea, the Black sea, the Mármara Sea and the Danube River. We have faced many technical, administrative and logistical adversities. Finally, we have managed to get food to the most vulnerable people trapped in one of the most deprived areas of the country.  

Concurrently, we have evacuated more than 1,500 refugees in seven different flights to Barcelona, Madrid, Rome and Buenos Aires, thanks to a humanitarian air corridor from Warsaw (Poland) in collaboration with Solidaire. Last evacuation took place a week ago with 238 refugees on board, mainly eldery people and women with children. Thanks to the different entities of civil society, people have been given a dignified welcome. New flights are planned in coming weeks.

Furthermore, since the invasion of Ukraine began, 29 trucks with more than 350 tons of humanitarian aid, with basic necessities for the civil population as a first response to the emergency, have arrived in the country to help the situation.

And we continue with the project Doctors for Ukraine (doctorsforukraine.org) in alliance with DKV, with who we offer free digital medical assistance to the population affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

We don’t forget the Mediterranean

Although all focus and media attention is concentrated on Eastern Europe, we do not forget the victims of other conflict areas and tragedies such as the ones in the Central Mediterranean. An invisible and often, silenced war.

With very few resources but a lot of determination, we have rescued more than 62,000 people. However, the sea continues swallowing innocent lives.

For this reason and to follow our commitment of not letting any life adrift, we return to the Central Mediterranean. This Sunday our sailboat Astral will set sail on a mission of observation, vigilance and denunciation of the largest mass grave on the planet. 

We count on you to protect their lives.

Today more than ever, we need your help to continue protecting the lives of those fleeing war, persecution and poverty. Without you, it will not be possible.


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