Who are we?


We are Open Arms

We are a non-profit non-governmental organisation with one principal mission: to protect those who try to reach Europe by sea, fleeing from armed conflict, persecution or poverty; and also to inform and educate on land so that those who migrate can make decisions with complete freedom and knowledge.

Our intention is to monitor and rescue vessels carrying people who need help in the Mediterranean channel, to protect the lives of the most vulnerable in emergency situations on land and to build alternatives to irregular migration in countries such as Senegal, providing people with resources through community awareness and information. In parallel, we continue to denounce all of the injustices that take place that nobody talks about.

It all started with some photographs of drowned children on a beach. We thought: if our job is maritime rescue and we do it on our beaches, why are they dying over there without anybody to help them?


With your help, we continue to save lives

With the help of many people to collaborate with their donations, we have been able to increase our resources and save more lives every day: both at sea and on land.

Also, thanks to their support, we can carry out educational work in schools that seek to generate empathy and critical thought among the youngest generation in order to create a society that is critical of inequality and that fights for a world that is more fair and just.

Emotional support

On land, we also avail of an essential team: a group of psychologists who are specialists in crisis situations, emergencies and victims of terrorism who support those who participate in our missions before, during and after them.

They offer the psychological support required in order to help manage the situations these people have experienced, prevent the appearance of post-traumatic stress and help them to return to ordinary life, while guaranteeing emotional stability for future interventions.



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